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xamoom helps you deliver the right content at the right moment.

Customers turn to xamoom for help in these areas:

  1. Location based services that tell the story of an amazing location or generate revenue through upselling on a product package. xamoom connects the real world with the smartphone using all possible technologies.
  2. Mobile web portals that bring tons of features and seamless integrations into third-party software (payment, CRM, messenger, ...) or automate marketing processes.
  3. Fast apps für iOS & Android that are fun to use and are always relevant. Use iBeacons, geofencing, and (geo-)push notifications to always deliver added value and your message effectively.

Your mobile success

  • With all possible techniques (QR, NFC, iBeacon, GPS, barcodes, etc.) your pages are just a scan away
  • Always serve content that considers the user’s situation: Where am I? Where is the next sight? Offers nearby? Get to know and surprise your most loyal visitors.
  • App and mobile web
  • Plugins reuse your mobile content on your desktop websites

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