ORF program presentation

Each year in September Austria's biggest B2B event of the advertising industry takes places at the ORF studios.


In this event the highlights of the upcoming TV and radio season are presented. The award show for the best advertising campaigns is another important part of the event next to networking and partying.

The goal of the event is to engage a B2B audience, present innovation and accompany guests on their smartphones throughout the whole evening depending on where they are and what part of the show takes place.


A dedicated app for iOS ans Android was developped.

Already prior to the event itself relevant information was given: from 'how to get there' to the event program and the shortlist of the awards for TV, radio ans online advertising.

At the event itself, iBeacons were placed at six distinct locations to offer notifications ans content that differ - based on place and time.

Location based push-notifications were part of the solution to reach people present only at the event and supply all participants with relevant information at the same time.


Over 50 percent of the 1,000 participants installed the app. 

App usage has been high even days before the event and has stayed high even days after the event. 

The perfect communication by the ORF brought the above mentioned very high installation figures and drove usage. It sank shortly after the event but increased rapidly on the next day.

Twelve percent of the total app usage has been location based content. Learning: Location specific content drives usage even higher.

Key features in this project

Extremely flexible: Many aspects of the native apps can easily be configured via the xamoom platform and without the need of an app update. This is valid for the menu, the sorting and presentation of articles, the content of the start page or the navigation using Google Maps.

New content (e.g. announcement of award winners) could be added in real time.

To present more innovative features and engage the audience two special features have been developed. First, a selfie can be taken with the phone's camera and then printed immediately on a printer. Secondly, people could vote for their favorite song at the disco.  Both features were offered only once the user was at the right location. And both features can be integrated into other apps with reasonable effort.

At six different event locations, iBeacons have been installed to provide differentiated notifications as well as content within the app:

  • At the entrance: welcome and goodbye messages were sent – depending on time
  • Accompanying content throughout the presentation of upcoming highlights as well as the award show including immediate notification and content update when winners were announced.
  • Info to food and its allergens at the buffet
  • Voting feature in the discos of the two radio stations OE3 and FM4
  • Selfie area near the photo printer

The roll-out was supported by the beacon management of the xamoom platform as well as the xamoom service app.