Context Identifier

xamoom supports all technologies which identify a place or an object.


Small bluetooth transmitter with a battery broadcast constantly information.  There are two different beacon Types: iBeacons broadcast three IDs. If they fit to an installed app, it can react accordingly. Eddystones broadcast URLs to which the mobile Chrome browser can notify the user.

Precission: 40 to 30 centimeters.

NFC Chip

A tiny chip holds a URL stored. With the coil around the phone can give energy to the chip. Subsequently, the chip then reveals its information. The URL is opened in the mobile browser.

Precission: a few millimeters

QR Code

A two-dimensional code that contains a URL. With QR scanner apps the phone decodes the URL and opens it in the browser.

Precission: a few centimeters


GPS Geofencing

Revolving around a point on the map, a circle is drawn (a 'geofence'). In this imaginary circle, an app desplay the certain fitting information. In mobile Browser a special URL (e.g. must be opened.

Precission: ideally +/- 5 meters