Lake Woerth Tourism

The mobile phone is always with you on vacation therefore it has far more importance than the stationary internet.


The mobile internet has more importance than the stationary therefore a responsive website is still a must-have. But it does not recognize the user's context and it is - due to a lot of ballast - by far not fast enough to serve guests well. 

Each trourism destination is interchangeable up to a certain extent. Knowledge can help creating an emotional bond between guests and the region - the most powerful tool for a tourits's loyalty. 

Guests can never fully know the complete touristic offerings and thus sometimes have the impression that there is not enough infrastructure.


120 places were identified to which a story could be told. These locations were marked with msart labels. 

Storytelling happens not only with Marie (a fictitious character from the region) and her places, but also alonng th etheme trails. There are 'White Trails' for music or yoga.

The project uses the mobile web extensively ans excludes nobody. 


From the start, the project had received a lot attention and good usage numbers. Since the combination of the fictitous person 'Marie' and technology is attractive, there are now a number of imitators. 

Simple and cost-effective integration of the content into the Wörthersee app by third-party developpers. 

It underlined the focus of the tourism destination organization on yoga around the lake.

The Future of the Project

In the future, the xamoom system will be used even more in mobile marketing: merchandising products will be connected to phones as well as brochures and other printed products.

iBeacons and Eddystones are being rolled out to get more usage for the apps and use Google‘s physical web as a tool for app marketing.

A mobile portal at will be set up, which will act as a hub for all stories by Marie, the “White Trails” and other location content around the lake.

Together with xamoom the Wörthersee Tourismus Gesellschaft will start a brand new project around language assistants (Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri).

xamoom‘s key features

Multilingualism: All pages are offered in English, German and Italian and are automatically delivered on the corresponding mobile phones.

APIs: In tourism, there are a lot of different information systems. xamoom doesn't want to be an island of its own. Infact, we want to minimizes the dependency for its customers through open APIs and export capabilities for your content and data in machine-readable formats like JSON.

WordPress integration: reuse expensively produced content on your site and centralize it for multiple platforms.

Multimedia: text, image, video, 360°-videos, audio, downloads, e-books, maps, etc. All current and future (AR, VR etc.) media forms are possible.

All context identifiers: Start with QR and NFC. Now the rollout of Eddystones and iBeacon happens to reach more people and offer an even better experience.

The customer‘s opinion

“The smartphone has become the universal remote control of life and this will continue to intensify in the future.

That‘s why our partnership with xamoom is so important for us. We have to constantly be on the lookout for something new. We have to learn quicker than others. Sometimes we just try out ideas and throwing away half of them needs a proper portion of pragmatism.

The cooperation with xamoom is always driven by the idea of creating something new and is always exciting and motivating.“

Roland Sint, CEO Lake Wörth Tourism GmbH