Start the conversation: xamoom supports SMS & WhatsApp

SMS and WhatsApp buttons by xamoom: It has never been easier to get in touch with potential customers.

We think mobile-first and pass this attitude on to our customers. Links are a good example of this. While we are used to linking individual words on the web, this is not ideal on a phone. Nobody wants to try long to catch small text with big fingers.

Our solution: Link blocks, large buttons, whose meaning and function are clearly visible and which are easy to hit.

Content block "link" and its result
Content block "link" and its result

Two new link blocks have recently become available that open up many new possibilities: We now officially support SMS text messages and WhatsApp.

Although this has always been possible, the input was a bit cumbersome and basically a hack. Well, everything is very easy now: You enter text, phone number, and optionally add a predefined text. This is ideal if you are making competitions or want different answers on individual locations or products.

Score with simplicity

These buttons save the guest/customer/visitor a lot of typing. In the best-case scenario, they only need to click twice and everything is done. Such simplicity can make a difference in some impulse buying.

Whether you opt for SMS or WhatsApp depends primarily on your target group. Every mobile phone user has SMS text messaging. WhatsApp is often, but far from always, available. The latter is more practical because there are a number of options for business users. You can also use such text messages in marketing automation – for example with

Lots of new opportunities

Many new possibilities arise from these new buttons. Here are just a few examples:

  • Mobile Commerce: Depending on the product, pre-filled orders on the website make shopping/ordering easier via short messages.
  • Event RSVP: You can use pre-filled text to make it clear which event (if there are several) you are registering for.
  • Sweepstakes: Pre-filled multiple choice answers lower the effort and thus, increase the rate of participation.
  • Get feedback: Is something broken somewhere or can improvements be made in other places? With location-specific, ready-made texts, you make it easy for the guest/visitor/customer to give feedback – and the easier it is, the more often this option is used.
  • Better customer service: How about a customer service that answers questions promptly and on the mobile phone?
  • Steering demand: As seen in the following example, it is very easy to offer a concierge service for holidaymakers in the region via SMS or WhatsApp. In this way, you not only give practical tips but also control the occupancy of individual locations, attractions, or companies.

A concierge service is easy to build with WhatsApp or SMS
A concierge service is easy to build with WhatsApp or SMS

Ideally, there are “SMS opening times” and a team that takes shifts to respond as quickly as possible. BTW: Mobile messages do not have to be written on a mobile phone, but can be conveniently typed on the computer.

Conclusion: It has never been easier for a (potential) user, customer, or visitor to get in touch with you or your company. From here on there are many opportunities that can be used to generate more sales, receive valuable feedback, or have happier customers, guests, or visitors.

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