Cineplexx Austria

For the release of the movie 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' a digital promotion is launched.


It was a competition where someone can win a trip to the premiere to LA. All those interested are activated via digital communication channel to come to one of the austrian cinemas to take part in the contest and win.

First, a high performing mobile website ans content delivery is needed. An easy and yet innovative way of participation for the contest at the cinemas is needed. Target audience insights shall be generated to learn more about participants.


From the first idea to the end of the promotion was a period of only two weeks. 

The mobile promotion website and the participation form are generated or integrated on the xamoom platform and easily set up in the look and feel of Cineplexx.

Across Austria additional promotion stickers with QR code, NFC Tag and a brief explanation how it works are placed next to official 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' film posters in the cinemas. 


With xamoom's unique ability to connect content and locations each participant can be linked to a cinema. 

A 10 days' live period led to 2,000 participants who completed the whole form. 

Equal distribution of QR and NFC as access technologies for the mobile web. This underlines the necessity of offering both technologies in combination. 

A great connection of digital channels and cinema locations to deliver a mobile experience.