Brewery Murau

In April 2017 the 'Brewery of the Senses' opend its doors to the public.


The Murauer brewery wants to show how beer is made and strengthen their high brand consciousness even further. The journey into the wordl of beer should appeal to an older as well as younger audience alike. 

Due to the proximity to ski resorts (Kriesberg, Turrach) and other holiday destinations, it is yet another touristic hotspot in the region. 

Not all visitors can get their own guides in their own language - one  reason for a mobile info system.


A mobile information system complements the journey through six centuries of brewing beer in the region

The digital tour is offered in addition to physical tours with guides. Physical objects and spaces in the exhibition are linked to digital content. The mobile system was planned as a good add on, which should not distract the visitor from the actual experience.

As a special service for visitors a super fast WiFi network was set up. 


The implementation was possible within a few days ans with comparatively little effort. In many cases already existing content yould be used. 

Links to the webshop or social networks bring visitors to complementary content, depending on the current station, or provide further interaction with the brand. 

The project in the 'Brewery of the Senses' can be seen as a starting point for many further steps into mobile marketing.

The future of the project

The project in the “Brewery of the Senses“ is seen in Murau as a starting point for many other mobile marketing activities. Why? Because Murauer has recognized that you need to have a mobile phone.

Labels on certain bottles will be used to tell stories about how it was produced or what ingredients were used.

Great plans have also been made for gastronomy marketing or sponsorship events. In both cases, it is all about brand loyalty.

In addition, xamoom is supposed to guide more customers than before to the Murauer shops and to upgrade all kinds of printed materials (e.g. beermats, brochures, labels).

xamoom‘s key features

Multilingualism: All pages are offered in English, German, Italian and Hungarian and are automatically delivered on the corresponding mobile phones.

Favorable and calculable: xamoom works out of the box and does neither require long training nor expensive developer resources.

The xamoom service app supports customer during the roll-out.

Multimedia: text, image, video, 360°-videos, audio, downloads, e-books, maps, etc. All current and future (AR, VR etc.) media forms should be possible.

Accessibility: Strong focus on accessibility to offer visually impaired people.

“xamoom and the brewery Murau are both very innovative companies. The cooperation with xamoom was and is still very uncomplicated. All issues were quickly and implemented very quickly. It is fun working with such a creative company. We would choose the corporation with xamoom anytime again!”

Barbara Zirn, brew master

“Compared to other CMS, it is a pure joy working with this mobile information system. It is very easy to use, clearly structured and you get great results fast. Furthermore, there is a very competent team behind xamoom, which not only offers fast problem solving, but gives away freely support and educational meetings.“

Natalie Schwarzl, marketing