Cineplexx CEE

In eight different markets people were waiting for the third part of the Smurfs movie.


These markets are: Croatie, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Greece.

Therefore, own media channels, digital advertising and out of home campaigns should invite fans to some to the cinema and take part in an promotion to win exclusive give-aways only available in this campaign. 

The contest should not be too easy but really activate people and let them make some effort. At three differnet places around the cinema stickers with QR codes were placed that needed to be scanned to redeem a unique voucher per scan - maximum three different vouchers.


The mobile landing page for the promotion is set up quickly on the xamoom platform in the look & feel and following the corporate design guidlines of Cineplexx.

The easy to manage multilangual feature reduced setup time dramatically and ensured a correct ans quick delivery of content based on the language of the phone settings of each user. 

Dedicated posters, newsletters ans social media content are produced to promote and explain the contest, the posters link to the mobile vouchers via QR codes and printed URL.


The rush on the mobile voucher codes started: everyone wanted to gather all three different codes per cinema location. The playful character of the promotion drove engagement. 

No fraud possible: Thanks to xamoom's security features, no fraud or link forwarding to friends could happen. 

Sucessful connection across digital and real world channels created a great mobile experience ans drove people to the cinemas.

Key features within the project

Cineplexx wanted to make use of the excitement and further strengthen the anticipation as well as number of visitors at their cinemas in all big cities of the participating countries.

As the prices were of high value, higher security feature is needed: combination of Geofence and QR-Code link. Only people that are really at the exact spot of the QR code could retrieve a voucher code. Sending the QR code s URL to friends does not work. 

A highly performing mobile landing page is one of the basics to make this campaign not only happen but really work. Additionally eight different languages must be supported and setup should still stay easy. 

The mobile couponing system must ensure that voucher codes can be imported that will then be displayed as numbers as well as machine readable EAN codes to avoid waiting times at ticket counters. 

Security features within the project

For each place with a promotion poster and QR code, a GPS geofence is added to make codes unique and ensure they cannot be forwarded. 

Each sticker at each location can only be scanned only once by a user. There is no chance to get another voucher code of that location. If a user tries to scan the same code serveral times the information that this code has already been scanned is shown.

Voucher codes provided by Cineplexx are unique and only served once.